While studying music at Ithaca College, I developed a horrible pain in my shoulder from hours of practicing piano. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and prescribed physical therapy. I became fascinated by the interconnection of my health and my musical performing. This led me to further study health, exercise science, and physical therapy. I also gained an appreciation for the musician as an athlete.

Later in life I discovered a different athletic event – motherhood! My previous work experience as a pediatric physical therapist taught me a great deal about children, and pregnancy gave me an eye-opening education on maternal health sparking an interest in women’s health issues.

Throughout all of my academic and professional experiences, one theme has been constant – health is holistic with mental, emotional, and physical components. Studying a variety of alternative and complementary health approaches along with being a health coach has offered a connecting thread through all the work I do as a health care professional.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with others on their health and wellness journeys.  

Master of Physical Therapy
Ithaca College

Bachelor of Clinical Science
Ithaca College

Bachelor of Music with an Outside Field in Exercise Science
Ithaca College

Health Coach Certification
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Personal Training Certification
American College of Sports Medicine