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Masks are a pain in the neck (except for hiding blemishes and signs of what you ate for lunch). Give yourself a mask break and use some of these strategies to relieve vocal strain by clicking here.

One of the best strategies for helping students manage ADHD is for you as a teacher to understand the breadth of issues students face. Set everyone up for success by adding the following tips to your lessons.

Being a professional musician is like being a professional athlete. Maintaining physical and mental well-being directly influences musical performance. This month’s newsletter is the first in a series that will focus on common overuse injuries in musicians starting with vocal nodules.

This month’s newsletter is the second in a series that will focus on common overuse injuries in musicians – focal dystonia.

This month’s newsletter is the third in a series that will focus on common overuse injuries in musicians – tendonitis.

Whether it’s in the practice room or performance hall, performance anxiety can undermine the best-practiced efforts to play or sing. Learn about these simple strategies musicians can use to effectively shed the nerves and feel free to enjoy the music.

Staying healthy is a top priority while making music during a pandemic. Here are a couple simple suggestions that can help you perform at your best.

Throughout the pandemic – and pretty much every September if you’re a teacher – people have been looking for ways to shield from germs and boost their immunity. No single strategy can keep viruses from passing through to you because nothing is without its holes in the system, but many holey layers are better than one. Use these five strategies to increase your chances of fending off germs.

My experience of performance anxiety was debilitating and ruined countless performances for me. No amount of positive thinking or pep talking from caring family or friends could stop what was doomed to occur. Here’s how it would go down…

Take a tip from your cell phone and turn off, plug in, and recharge in winter! These dark cooler months set an example for resting and rejuvenating yourself after a busy year. Nature sees the importance of shutting down and taking it easy which teaches us that doing the same is an important aspect to our wellness practice. Learn more here.

Have you ever had an enjoyable workout routine turn sour due to an overuse injury? This article offers simple tips on how to address the issue.

Too often we are hit with tragic news of violence and hatred in the world. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and to feel helpless against it. It’s difficult to connect to your inner peace in the midst of a storm, which is why many of the practices I teach such as yoga, meditation, and contemplation are perfect training grounds. Learn more here.