Love the Workout, Hate the Overuse Injury

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Have you ever had an enjoyable workout routine turn sour due to an overuse injury? Below are some simple tips of how to address the issue:

  • Consult with your physician to confirm that it’s an overuse injury and not something else
  • Seek out assistance from a health care professional who can address the issue by observing your body mechanics, modifying your workout, incorporating strength training and flexibility exercises, and offering up strategies for pain management.
  • Revisit your goals and intentions.
    • Often we set goals to lose weight, increase stamina, or improve physical performance. These goals have their place and can be useful, but at times we feel overly driven by them resulting in an increased risk of injury.
    • Whatever initial physical goal you set, follow it with the question, “Why is that important to me?” You may find the answer reveals your feelings and desires such as wanting to enjoy hiking pain-free or connecting with family through activities. The emotions of enjoyment and connection point to your internal goals that come with the external goals of losing weight, increasing stamina, or improving physical performance. Use them to develop a meaningful and deeply motivating practice.
    • Ask yourself, “What can I do that fulfills my wellness goals AND honors my intention of enjoyment or connection?” The answer will help guide you as you select wellness approaches AND will help to remind you that being overly driven to the point of an injury was never your original intention.

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